Sunday, June 10, 2012

"It's the 30ROCK LIVE Show!!!!! Experiencing 30ROCK LIVE in the flesh

I've been meaning to write a post about this ever since I got home from NYC back in April. But as you can tell I've done a rather amazing job at keeping up with a consistent blogging effort..... NOT! Ironically the last post I wrote was about the first live episode, thus proving my obvious geek status for all things 30ROCK. This new post however is proof that I kept my word from that old post, and dropped everything including my jaw, and went to NYC. It was ONLY possible with the help of my extremely kind and caring friends and family. The whole story is going to be easiest to explain by using pictures. Yes I also am an instagram nerd, so deal with it and enjoy the pics that tell the story. This whole thing started off with posting this on Instagram:

 It was Monday and I was on my lunch break and I found this picture on the 30ROCK Fan page on Facebook. Okay wait, lets rewind a sec. (Previous Friday)..... I posted this picture to prove my geek status while trying to claim tickets for the live show via telephone. Unlike the first live show last season, they were doing a ticket give-away, and all you had to do was call in, and a pair of tickets were yours. From the inability to receive nothing but a busy signal for 3 hours with over 100 calls, I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be so lucky, and that I was taking a stab in the dark even thinking I had a chance on earth to win. Fast-Forward back to Monday at lunch... I took a screen shot of the pic, cropped and posted it to Instagram with a slight explanation of what I went through the past friday. Then I just went back to work.. Then towards the end of the day I look at my phone and I had a missed call from a friend named Jeanne. She didn't leave a voicemail, and I'm one of those people that tends to not call someone back if they don't leave a message. Messages mean it's important right? However, Jeanne did send me a few texts after her call:
Insert above mentioned Jaw Drop

As you can see I had begun typing a response which was supposed to read Are you SERIOUS????? With my jaw on the floor I'm pretty sure I was standing there frozen staring at my phone. I read the texts a few times over to make sure that I was reading them correctly and that my eyes weren't playing some type of cruel trick on me. Rather than responding via text I just called Jeanne. This is where the story gets a little fuzzy because my A.D.D brain was going warp speed trying to figure out how all this was happening and going to happen. Jeanne told me that she saw my picture on instagram. Besides remembering saying, Thank You multiple times, and saying let me figure out if I can get a flight and I'll call you back ASAP, I don't remember much more of our conversation. (Thank you A.D.D. brain) Naturally my next move was to get ahold of my go to person for everything airline travel, Miss Ui Keo. I was texting her because she is a workaholic and I wasn't sure or not if she could talk on the phone. So I sent her the screen shot of Jeanne's text and said, "Buddy Pass Please". Ui's response: " I'm guessing you need to go to NY?" Me: " Ahhh YES!!" Our conversation went on and then she asked, "Wait who is Alec?" Ui is one of very few of my friends that actually watches 30ROCK, so I thought that I wouldn't have to explain. I called her and explained a little more clearly, and she said she had a buddy pass for me!!! COMPLETE LIVE SAVER!!!!! Got the go ahead on the flight and so I called Jeanne back and said, Yes, I will be there thursday.

Next on the agenda was a place to stay........... A.D.D. brain result........ Call Lacey! So that's what I did. I can honestly say I know she thought I was a crazy person. I was probably the last person she would think was going to call her... Ha!  Our convo went a little like this:

Me: Hey Lacey, its Josh Mezin.
Lacey: Oh Hi Josh, How are you?
Me(A.D.D. brain fully taking over): I have two questions for you
Me: This might be the most random phone call you've ever had.
Me: Could I stay with you guys for a couple days?
Lacey: Sure. When?
Me: Like in 48 hours.
Lacey: Wow! Let check what I have going on.
Lacey: Yes you can crash, but I have to warn you, our place is VERY small.
Me: AWESOME! And Ill be honest I'd sleep in the closet if I needed to!
Me: Okay you're going to think I'm crazy but here is my second question, Would you like to go to the taping of 30ROCK Live with me on Thursday night?
Lacey: Wait, WHAT?
Me (Still in a very shocked state of mind): Yeah, do you want to go?
Lacey: Yeah of course! But I'm not sure that I exactly believe you.
Me in a laughing voice: Well, I guess you will soon enough!
Me: I will let you know my flight info ASAP. Talk to ya soon!

That night I could hardly sleep. I was totally like a kid in a candy store excited, yet still in shock! The next morning I was staying home from work at the request of the best boss anyone in the world could ask for, and I woke up to a few more texts from Jeanne asking if I had a Twitter account, and then she told me to check my Twitter...... This is what I found: Instagram post #2

 Part of my comment on the picture was: "Believe me now @laceykw? Lacey's response: "He tweeted you himself?!! Crazy! Im toooo excited. I might faint when I meet AB or TF.
This was the conformation that Lacey was the right person to ask to go with me! Not to mention her and her husband were letting me stay with them!

I was leaving Wednesday morning, and again Ui too care of me!!

 And with that, I was headed to the city! I arrived around 7:30 in wednesday night, and took a cab into the city from JFK. Lacey greeted me with open arms! Her husband Seth was gone finishing his thesis for his grad program at Columbia, so Lacey and I just caught up and chatted most of the night, and way passed her bedtime. I watched some TV because my body was still on West Coast time. Lacey had some Yoga stuff to do the following morning, and I got to sleep a little. Then she took me to Katz Deli, and we had the most amazing Pastrami Sandwich. Lacey has mastered the Subway system, and an unlimited Metro card was the best purchase of the trip. It was worth its weight in gold. Okay Im making this post a long one so I will speed it up and post pictures at the end of the post. After eating at Katz Deli we went for a walk around town, and through Central Park. It was raining a little so it was beautiful!!! CP was basically empty. Lacey is an awesome tour guide! We went back to her apartment and then went and met up with her husband Seth at Columbia for dinner. Had Korilla BBQ. It was pretty good. Seth had a to get back to working on his thesis and Lacey and I headed to get ready to head to the taping. We hit the subway again to Rockefeller Center, and didn't really know where exactly we were supposed to go. I had got a text from Monica at Alec's office with the details and we were supposed to find "Meghan's line inside the lobby. We got there and it happened to be the line right in front. We met one of the set builders from 30ROCK, who was holding the line. He was super cool, and we chatted for a bit.

After standing there for a few we started to see some familiar faces. I looked up and saw Alec walking right by me with two security guards escorting him passed security. I was gonna say something but pretty sure he was in a hurry, so I refrained. Lacey was starting to get a little starstruck at this point. Jesse Eisenberg was in line behind us, John Mayer was walking around stoned. Haha. After chatting a little more with the Set builder, and meeting his daughter and Ex wife who were attending the taping we got to meet Meghan. She was the page in charge of our tickets. She asked for my last name and handed me a little white envelope with my name that was my tickets. Once we got upstairs and into 6H the usher took us to our seats. We got to sit front row. We had better seats than John Mayer and Jesse Eisenberg!!! It was pretty awesome to say the least.

Lacey and I watched the East Coast Live Show on TV before we headed over so we knew what to expect from the show, but were excited to see the guest stars. While we were waiting for the show to start, the cast was introduced and in the down time before starting, I was pointing out directors and writers and producers of the show to Lacey. Yes I am that much of a Geek. The show started after Fred Armisen warmed up the audience.

The show was great! It was a zoo getting out of there, and to the elevator. We made it downstairs, and were waiting in the lobby to hopefully say thank you to Alec in person. They cleared the lobby and we had to wait outside. Lacey and I stood out there and met Will Forte, Chris Parnell, Tracy Morgan, Grizz Chapman, Judah Friedlander, Katrina Bowden. That was pretty cool, they were all super nice. But after waiting we heard that Alec had walked out the 49th Street Door.

In the ticket envelope there was the address to the after party which was right around the corner, so Lacey and I said why not lets go over there. Not really knowing why the address was included in the ticket envelope, it was worth a try to attempt to say thank you in person. We waited outside for a few. I had brought my 30ROCK shoes with me to possibly get them signed. I have two pairs and I really should have warn them instead but the pair I wear were soaked from earlier, and the other pair is a fresh pair that has never been worn so I didn't really want to ruin them in the rain.

I was leaning up against a planter and looked up as a woman walked out the door. She had sat down on the chair right outside the door. She looked familiar, and it took me a second to recognize who she was. I wasn't 100% sure but I was almost certain it was Jeanne's mom. Jeanne had told me that she was going to be there for the taping. So I went up and introduced myself hoping my memory wasn't failing me at who this woman was. It was in fact Jeanne's mom Beth. I explained to her who I was and told her that I was hoping to say thank you. She told me to thank Jeanne, and I told her that I had over and over again, and that I was hoping to tell Alec the same. She said, "Oh. You haven't met my brother? Just wait here a second, and I'll introduce you. He should be right out." She was super sweet. I spoke with her and another couple and she explained how I was there.

Alec came out a few minutes later. Beth told him I was Jeanne's friend, and he shook my hand and said, "I know you, you're Josh. You're Josh Mezin." I laughed and said, "That's me." Alec went in to the story of how his niece, "You know my niece, she's a pain in the ass, I love Jeanne but she really is," texted him a picture(the first one here) and said, "Look how cute........ from your biggest fan........ "I said yea right, but what the hell, I'll get him some tickets."

That's all I can really remember exactly. Alec asked me if I enjoyed my time at the taping, and said he hoped that it was worth the trip. I thanked him for his kindness and generosity, and that I had a great time. He asked if I came with someone or alone. Lacey had been standing behind me and I'm pretty sure her eyes were as big a silver dollars. I said my friend Lacey was here with me turning around to her, he put his hand out and introduced himself to her. He told us that he'd love to chat for a minute but that he had "to get his lady home", and asked if we brought a camera.

We snapped a couple pics, and I thanked him again and shook his hand, and Lacey and I headed to grab a cab.

It was truly a really awesome experience. Alec is a very nice and genuine person. I was taken back at his generosity, and kindness towards me as a total and complete stranger.

Like I said above none of this would have been possible without the support of my friends and family. My friend Jeanne is an amazingly awesome person. Having a friendship with her, a person who I have actually never met in person, has one more than just this one occasion, renewed my faith that good and kind people are real. I was very much humbled by the kindness she extended to me, and setting this whole awesome experience up.

I never in a million years though that posting a picture on Instagram would result in a trip to NYC and the opportunity to meet a man that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. There are some things that happen in life that really have no explanation other than having God's hand involved. I have a friends that are just plain good people. Im thankful for friends like this. Jeanne is one of these people. As is Lacey, and as is Ui. I'm a very blessed person to have friends that are caring and kind and always willing to lend a helping hand and or extend generosity even when they don't really have to. Here are some more pictures. Enjoy.

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