Thursday, January 14, 2010

WOW.... I never post anything!

Its been over a year since I have typed on this blog. Truth is I forgot the password and tried to log into it a million times and had no luck. So over a year later my memory came back and I am back in business.

I don't even know where to start on trying to describe the last year of life. There is so much that I could write and I wish I had done this sooner so I could remember all that happened more clearly. But I didn't so I will readers digest it for ya'lls.

The Year started of with moving back to CA from Boise, which was a warmer change in weather but although I was convinced I needed to do it. However, once I got here I quickly realized that I wasn't so sure. I started school at The University of California Riverside, and probably made the lamest decision of the year. Seriously the school sucked! There wasn't a thing I liked about it but for my Holocaust Class. Enough about that experience, and needless to say I wasn't a student there for long. I quit school actually at that point and went to work more to take up my extra time.

Work this year has been busy times. I started off the year working for Greg and finished off the majority of the year making liquid vitamins. Although the commute was much more enjoyable, the job proved to be rather challenging. It is slowly coming to a joyful end actually!!

So The year of 2009 was exciting like I mentioned. Shelly got married, I turned 25, and had an amazing birthday party and then weekend at the beloved lake known as the Doghouse. My best friend from Idaho, Mr. Bundy, aka Daren, joined the festivities. It was rad having him here, I wish more of my friends from up there would have been partying with us. The 4th of July proved to be a ton of fun as it always is, and August brought some fun with it as well.

My Dad, the amazing man that he is, turned 50 on the 24th day of the month, and we had a huge surprise party for him. We had so much fun at the party. It was a ton of work but worth every second of it after seeing my Dad's reaction. I am so lucky to call William Mezin my dad, he is one of a kind.

Next came October....... I'm not much of a fan of October anymore(Besides Halloween). The month reminds me of My Aunt Jennifer, its her birthday on the 7th. It is also sadly the month she passed away 2 years prior. The days still seem to be a little off without our normal daily conversations, but this year was a bit easier for me than last. Tobe was a big part of my life and I do miss talking to her so much and hearing her loud laugh. Most of all I think that I miss her friendship and how we talked about everything. There isn't a day that goes by that something doesn't remind me of her. I know she is still my Aunt Tobe, I just wish she was here to enjoy life with me still.

Then the Holidays came. Oh what a joy................ Especially with my family. I love them. I am very lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I hope that they are all aware that I would be extremely sad without them. Thanksgiving was fun, rather uneventful this year, which was nice. I took a 3 hour nap while watching Kindergarten Cop with Casey and Joey. But I'm pretty sure Casey watched the movie alone with Joey and I titties up the entire time. I didn't even eat much actually because I was so tired. Also a good thing that happened on Thanksgiving.

The Next month until Christmas was a slammed disaster. The days all seemed to blend together and I really remember very little of it actually. People wanted a lot of vitamins. December was an interesting month in the Mezin Residence. There were some crazy things that happened. Some were laughed off, and some were cried off, and some were even unsuccessfully wished away. The main point is everyone is healthy and doing just fine.

As always Christmas day is so much fun. Its so exciting to give people gifts and see their reactions(even the bad ones), while possibly laughing so hard your stomach hurts. This year(again, AS USUAL) I was spoiled beyond belief. I got new clothes, a lot of new clothes, new workout stuff, since I actually do that again these days, an exhaust for my truck(LOVE IT), and an awesome pair of sunglasses. I cant even name all of it because I got too much....... SPOILED

I had a long week at work the week after Christmas, we cleaned and polished the warehouse floors and it WORKED ME OVER. Okay wait I just remembered that was the week before Xmas. The week after I ripped up flooring in one of the rooms at work and scrapped adhesive for a long time... SUCKED! Then I acid washed the floor and painted it with epoxy and sealer. Never gonna do that again..... Trust

New Years Eve was amazing actually. I did nothing but relax with some of my favorite people, watch football, read books, and sleep. And I would be lying if I didn't mention the 2 cartons of It's It ice cream sandwich bars that i ate in like 6 hours... Yes I am a fatty. The weekend at the Doghouse was great, with an exception of the speeding ticket that I got on my way there. EFF the CHP!

So as you can see I had a really good year. There were a couple key things that I did forget to mention though in my rant. I started school again and 2010 I will FINALLY be a college grad with a BA in Communications. I will finish up in the beginning of May. Which brings me to discussions of other things but those will come in future posts since I want to try to post more regularly. Also this year in September I saw again for the first time in I have no clue how many years, a good friend, Tammie. It was really good to see her and spend hours on end talking with her and Myles, catching each other up on the last 10 plus years. My grandpa moved back to the states from Panama, which makes me feel better. There are some other things I know I am forgetting, so if its something you remembered or if I forgot someone, no harm no foul I hope.... Good times, more to come

Talk to ya soon

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