Monday, December 8, 2008

The End of The Semester And The End of Another Chapter of My Life

So the title of this blog totally gives it away. Yes it is the end of the semester, and I couldn't be more happy about that, but a lot has changed in the last few weeks that is drawing and end to this chapter of life. It all started about 3 weeks ago,when I got accepted to the University of California at Riverside. I found out on the tuesday before I was supposed to go home for Thanksgiving, and I really didn't know what to do. Yeah I was excited, and so happy that I actually go in. I guess the third time really is a charm with some things in life. Getting accepted didn't bring all fuzzy warm feelings though.

I have been living here in Boise for almost four months now, and have honestly come to absolutely love it here. I love going to Boise State, and I have met some people here that I am pretty sure I will stay in touch with for years to come. I came to find my own niche here and a added a circle of friends that are so fun to be around, and can laugh at anything. Living here I feel like I have grown up a little bit, and learn a little bit more about myself. I had a conversation with one of my friends last night that was I guess unexpected, you could say. This friend told me that he was bummed and kinda upset that I was leaving. Not that I dont think we have a good friendship, but I was kinda shocked at what I was hearing. I mean it is a blessing in my life to have such good friends, and I know that this person and I will be friends for a while to come. Its hard to find loyal friends that you get along with so well. I have come to the point that I will miss these friends more than I am going to miss the bitter cold, and smell of cow dung. Okay and the blue turf I will miss as well.
As I reflect back on my experience of moving to Boise, I smile. I was able to do something that I always wanted to do, attend a University that I love, and will now for sure always be a Bronco Fan, and meet some amazing friends. Moving back home I know without a shadow of a doubt is the best thing for me and for the success of my future, but Boise will always hold a little bit of my heart for the awesome experience it has been for me. In my last few days here, with the burden of finals and ending the semester up strong, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the ability to come here and for my loved ones support and care, and for welcoming people that today at the end of it all, I call my friends. I will miss you all. And dont forget you have a place to stay in CA. Deuces I'm Out

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Justin Quinn said...


I am so happy that you have loved it here in Boise! I am also very happy to hear that you are doign what is best for you. As I sat here and read your post, tears filled my eyes and I hope that I have been a good friend to you and that we will keeo in touch! Thank you for all that you have done for me! best of luck in the next adventure in your life