Friday, September 26, 2008

Just when you thought I would never write again.. I surprised you!

I totally meant to be writing on here more, but for some reason I always forget I even have this thing. The last few weeks have been interesting and actually full of a lot of traveling. I went to the UCLA- BYU, shame of a college football game in Provo, which was fun even if I hated it at the same time. It was really nice to see some of people I knew down there and spend some time with a few that are just plain fun to be around. I drove down after school that friday and it was a long drive, but I think its because I was really anxious to see everyone. I went to Aunt Dee Dee's first, but she had no clue I was coming, so it was a good surprise for her. We went out to dinner with Molly and her beotch, Nick. The next morning we woke up too freaking early and went to Bmans game, which was so cool, he is an awesome little football player and I mean he is the smaleest guy on the team, but he is faster than all of them too. Then headed off to hell aka LaVell Edwards Stadium, I was glas it was over. Went out to dinner with Shellito and her boo at Kneaders, YUM! After that I headed up to Salt Lake and went to Sueann and Steve's to have cake for the Spenis' birthday. Found out Kelly and Brandon are expecting another little one in the spring, talked with Steve and Sueann for a long time and it was nice. After a few hours, headed over to Speen and Brookes to check out all of the hard work that Speen has put into their house, he has done an awesome job, then I went back to sleep at Sueann and Steves. Sunday was kind a lazy day for me, I slept in and did a little homework , ate some dinner then hit the road.

Then last weekend I went to my favorite place.......... HOME! Well its my fav right now, cause I have the best family ever! It was a busy freaking weekend though, my Aunt Cindy got married and it all turned out awesome, even if everyone well all the loud ones were sauced, typical of my crazy family. I was beat freaking tired, and I had to share my bed and wasnt too happy about it. So i ran around all day and I mean ALL day friday, ended up getting back to town at around 5:30 or so. Then I went and some more family, my adopted family for a couple hours late that night. Then back to my parents house to sleep, woke up early and got to work for the last things that needed to be done for the wedding. My parents freaking worked their butts off to get everything done. I wish I had a picture of the courtyard, I will have to get one from Myles so everyone can see it, then I had to take off to the bank for my dad and then I got a haircut, Andrea you are the bomb, and then hung out with "the dad" aka Greg, and helped him with going shopping. We had fun at the store. I really enjoy spending time with him, he is awesome and we always seem to have some fun together. Then back to the wedding to get yelled at every five minutes by my loving Tia, who is a NAZI, when it comes to wedding planning. Love ya but next time I'M OUT! So everything went horrible with the ipod that had all of the music on it for the entire wedding. But being the amazing person that I am.... "ugh, I took care of it!"(see if you can guess the movie) and it all fell into place. Then the booze started to hit everyone and it was all down hill from there. I peaced out to find some sanity, brought Greg some Tri-tip and stayed there for a while and then went back to my parents in hopes my lovely bed would waiting for me, I was wrong, and bitter, but just went to sleep. Woke up early again and helped my Dad a little bit and then got dressed for church. Church was good, then I went home and cooked white sauce for Diana, and everyone else benefited from it too cause they got to eat some too. It was cool to hang out some of the people from church. I stayed the night because I knew I didnt have a place to sleep at my parents.

WOw draggin on.......... So monday was full of adventure too, had ham shop, YUMMY, packed, went to the airport, my flight was all jacked up, ended up staying another night, enjoyed dinner and time I got to spend with my Dad, then left early the next morning. LOng couple weekends but fun times.

Monday, September 8, 2008

BSU Football Game

Well this is a little out of order, but i just figured out how to add pictures to a blog, I know I am just an amateur blogger, but I am still learning.

So the BSU/ISU Season Opener! BSU 49 ISU 7

The first game of the season was really a fun one, although somewhat none climatic, it was still fun to be at the game. The stadium underwent some renovations throughout last season and in the time following until the beginning of this season. The expansion was adding a new press box and some luxury seating for those INSANE people that have nothing better to do with 30G. Yep that's about what it costs to get a box and you had to make a 3 year commitment, bringing to grand total to 90G!!!!!!! The expansion cost over 30 million to complete and will take the university over 30 years to pay the 28 million dollar debt! Yikes, but take a look it sure is pretty and with all that money they are getting in seat and box sells, it should be a nice payment towards all that debt! Well its the top section, and it was too wide to get into one frame, even from across the stadium.
The BSU football games carry a ton of tradition with them. Just like every university with collegiate sports, you have the school song that the band always performs at the BORING halftime show, the fight songs that actually have a ton of student involvement to them, and the cheers that gets the crowd and team totally pumped for the next play. The mascot is a bronco, pretty much looks like a giant horse doll with a blue jersey on. His name is Buster! Along with Buster, when it is time for the Broncos to take the field, they do so in a somewhat different fashion. The first time I witnessed this I thought, wow these Idahoans are really crazy! I mean honestly, you would never see this in California, they come running out with the lead player waving a sledge hammer in the air! I guess that I can understand or try to think of a reason that they want to be carrying a huge sledge hammer, they obviously want to win and I guess its a way of saying they are going to squash their opponent; wackos. I am thinking I should find out why they do it? Its still a little weird to me, but I will let you judge for yourself.

There is also a dodge truck that is painted school colors, well its just Orange with Boise State logos everywhere and actually I noticed that it was some smurf turf of its own lining the bed, yard markers and everything. The truck is used for various things throughout the game. They use it to sometimes lead the team out of the tunnel, and make a whole lot of noise with its extremely loud exhaust system, they take people around the field in it and use it for little commercial break games. To accompany the truck there is also a real live horse that is rode around hosting a Boise State Flag. I was watching the lady that rides the horse all game long, and her legs have to seriously be jello by the time the game is over after riding western and posting herself the whole time. I wouldn't like the job.And I also want to mention the cheerleaders...... Oh how not cute they are! Well, they do have one or two of them, but they are skanks and would never be caught dead being seen without a football player by their side. Freaking jersey chasers! Lame.

But when the night is said and done, the football games are so much fun. Its always a good time to spend with friends and cheer for the team and show your school pride. GO Broncos!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One step further than just starting out.... but getting closer!

So, here she is! my long awaited second post. Actually I am not sure that there are many people that know about my blog, but I know that at the very least one other person has read it, and told me that I need to post more things. So I attempted to post some pictures at which I failed at miserably, and then tried to make a slide shoe. Again, ending in failure. I decided to not let it get me down, and just write instead. It doesn't need to be all fancy right?

Anyhow the last week has been very interesting. I have studied and read more pages in the last 10 days than I have done in last few years. Wow that makes me sound pathetic! School is actually somewhat of a challenge now than it has been previously. I have no issues waking up going to class as I once did, I do ALL of my reading, which I NEVER EVER previously did, and I participate more in class discussions that I really like too. But it has all been for the greater good of my education. DUH?! right? And I am really enjoying putting that much energy into school for some odd reason. The only issue that I have now what the heck do I really want to do. Not that I don't want to be a dentist or an orthodontist anymore, but jeez, I am wondering if I will be able to hack it for that long to make it that far. Its not for a matter of smarts or lack of desire, I don't think, I am just unsure if I want to be a student for that many more years. I do plan on moving on in my life and hopefully fooling and or tricking someone in to marrying my crazy self,but at the same time, do I still want to be in school? I guess that I am just rambling on and on about how I think sometimes. I just need to be a little more patient and let everything takes its course. I like the classes and I am going to stick with it, but it does also leave me with more opportunities in choosing a career than just in the dental field. Well enough blah blah blah

More on my take on Boise, Idaho. I really don't want to talk bad about it because I really like it a lot. I live in one of the nicest areas in the valley, but what I am going to point out is kinda funny about living here. So, I have come to the conclusion that there are about 3% possibly less, of the population of the students that attend BSU, have ABSOLUTELY ZERO CLUE what deodorant or showering or bathing is or the purpose of it. I really do not get it at all. Honestly how do you know take a shower and clean your body on a daily basis? And its not just the country folks. Its EVERYONE!!!! Boys, girls, creepy "shims", or the granola children that carry around copies of the "Inconvenient Truth, and the spacey druggies and loadies. Walking through campus if there is a slight wind, there is a slight stench of B.O and stank! I want to stand on the corner of where the student union building meets up with the rest f campus and hand out bars of soap and some Cologne. So needless to say they freaking stink!
The second funny observation I have made is the mentality of how can "out man" every other guy in the room. So Lame. There are some many guys up here that think they have to be johnny bad A to get the girls attention. The hilarious thing about it is, NONE of them have girlfriends. And they still continue to try to "out man" the next guy. And its even more pathetic because the girls now that the guys are all trying to act that way. Every time something happens I have an urge to just laugh and point it out so that they realize it, but being dense country small town folks that they are, they do not get it. The neurons required to connect aren't doing so in ANY of their brain! Well this may not sound funny as you read it, but if you were here to witness it, you would understand why its funny.
Oh whats next but the Granola kids! Well thats what I have nicknamed them. For everyone else to understand, the tree huggers. Oh the poor tree huggers, they are so crazy. All of them are for sure missing a few screws. They are rather irritating in class because every comment and I really mean every comment or question out of their mouth has something to do pertaining to the environment, and the teacher gives them a look like, I cant get mad at you because I want my job, But PLEASE shut up and let me teach class. They believe the act of thinking is destroying the ozone. No you freaking tard not everything in this world ruins the ozone. But maybe you could stop smoking two packs a day and get rid of the nasty piece of crap car that is rusting out and spitting black smoke every time you press the accelerator. And I was under the impression that you cared SOOOO much about the environment!!!! Haha guess not, you crack head! Man they are so LOST!

Well that is enough for today! So I hope that you enjoyed my blabbing on about my school experience up here in DaHoE! I will be back to tell you more very soon!