Sunday, June 10, 2012

"It's the 30ROCK LIVE Show!!!!! Experiencing 30ROCK LIVE in the flesh

I've been meaning to write a post about this ever since I got home from NYC back in April. But as you can tell I've done a rather amazing job at keeping up with a consistent blogging effort..... NOT! Ironically the last post I wrote was about the first live episode, thus proving my obvious geek status for all things 30ROCK. This new post however is proof that I kept my word from that old post, and dropped everything including my jaw, and went to NYC. It was ONLY possible with the help of my extremely kind and caring friends and family. The whole story is going to be easiest to explain by using pictures. Yes I also am an instagram nerd, so deal with it and enjoy the pics that tell the story. This whole thing started off with posting this on Instagram:

 It was Monday and I was on my lunch break and I found this picture on the 30ROCK Fan page on Facebook. Okay wait, lets rewind a sec. (Previous Friday)..... I posted this picture to prove my geek status while trying to claim tickets for the live show via telephone. Unlike the first live show last season, they were doing a ticket give-away, and all you had to do was call in, and a pair of tickets were yours. From the inability to receive nothing but a busy signal for 3 hours with over 100 calls, I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be so lucky, and that I was taking a stab in the dark even thinking I had a chance on earth to win. Fast-Forward back to Monday at lunch... I took a screen shot of the pic, cropped and posted it to Instagram with a slight explanation of what I went through the past friday. Then I just went back to work.. Then towards the end of the day I look at my phone and I had a missed call from a friend named Jeanne. She didn't leave a voicemail, and I'm one of those people that tends to not call someone back if they don't leave a message. Messages mean it's important right? However, Jeanne did send me a few texts after her call:
Insert above mentioned Jaw Drop

As you can see I had begun typing a response which was supposed to read Are you SERIOUS????? With my jaw on the floor I'm pretty sure I was standing there frozen staring at my phone. I read the texts a few times over to make sure that I was reading them correctly and that my eyes weren't playing some type of cruel trick on me. Rather than responding via text I just called Jeanne. This is where the story gets a little fuzzy because my A.D.D brain was going warp speed trying to figure out how all this was happening and going to happen. Jeanne told me that she saw my picture on instagram. Besides remembering saying, Thank You multiple times, and saying let me figure out if I can get a flight and I'll call you back ASAP, I don't remember much more of our conversation. (Thank you A.D.D. brain) Naturally my next move was to get ahold of my go to person for everything airline travel, Miss Ui Keo. I was texting her because she is a workaholic and I wasn't sure or not if she could talk on the phone. So I sent her the screen shot of Jeanne's text and said, "Buddy Pass Please". Ui's response: " I'm guessing you need to go to NY?" Me: " Ahhh YES!!" Our conversation went on and then she asked, "Wait who is Alec?" Ui is one of very few of my friends that actually watches 30ROCK, so I thought that I wouldn't have to explain. I called her and explained a little more clearly, and she said she had a buddy pass for me!!! COMPLETE LIVE SAVER!!!!! Got the go ahead on the flight and so I called Jeanne back and said, Yes, I will be there thursday.

Next on the agenda was a place to stay........... A.D.D. brain result........ Call Lacey! So that's what I did. I can honestly say I know she thought I was a crazy person. I was probably the last person she would think was going to call her... Ha!  Our convo went a little like this:

Me: Hey Lacey, its Josh Mezin.
Lacey: Oh Hi Josh, How are you?
Me(A.D.D. brain fully taking over): I have two questions for you
Me: This might be the most random phone call you've ever had.
Me: Could I stay with you guys for a couple days?
Lacey: Sure. When?
Me: Like in 48 hours.
Lacey: Wow! Let check what I have going on.
Lacey: Yes you can crash, but I have to warn you, our place is VERY small.
Me: AWESOME! And Ill be honest I'd sleep in the closet if I needed to!
Me: Okay you're going to think I'm crazy but here is my second question, Would you like to go to the taping of 30ROCK Live with me on Thursday night?
Lacey: Wait, WHAT?
Me (Still in a very shocked state of mind): Yeah, do you want to go?
Lacey: Yeah of course! But I'm not sure that I exactly believe you.
Me in a laughing voice: Well, I guess you will soon enough!
Me: I will let you know my flight info ASAP. Talk to ya soon!

That night I could hardly sleep. I was totally like a kid in a candy store excited, yet still in shock! The next morning I was staying home from work at the request of the best boss anyone in the world could ask for, and I woke up to a few more texts from Jeanne asking if I had a Twitter account, and then she told me to check my Twitter...... This is what I found: Instagram post #2

 Part of my comment on the picture was: "Believe me now @laceykw? Lacey's response: "He tweeted you himself?!! Crazy! Im toooo excited. I might faint when I meet AB or TF.
This was the conformation that Lacey was the right person to ask to go with me! Not to mention her and her husband were letting me stay with them!

I was leaving Wednesday morning, and again Ui too care of me!!

 And with that, I was headed to the city! I arrived around 7:30 in wednesday night, and took a cab into the city from JFK. Lacey greeted me with open arms! Her husband Seth was gone finishing his thesis for his grad program at Columbia, so Lacey and I just caught up and chatted most of the night, and way passed her bedtime. I watched some TV because my body was still on West Coast time. Lacey had some Yoga stuff to do the following morning, and I got to sleep a little. Then she took me to Katz Deli, and we had the most amazing Pastrami Sandwich. Lacey has mastered the Subway system, and an unlimited Metro card was the best purchase of the trip. It was worth its weight in gold. Okay Im making this post a long one so I will speed it up and post pictures at the end of the post. After eating at Katz Deli we went for a walk around town, and through Central Park. It was raining a little so it was beautiful!!! CP was basically empty. Lacey is an awesome tour guide! We went back to her apartment and then went and met up with her husband Seth at Columbia for dinner. Had Korilla BBQ. It was pretty good. Seth had a to get back to working on his thesis and Lacey and I headed to get ready to head to the taping. We hit the subway again to Rockefeller Center, and didn't really know where exactly we were supposed to go. I had got a text from Monica at Alec's office with the details and we were supposed to find "Meghan's line inside the lobby. We got there and it happened to be the line right in front. We met one of the set builders from 30ROCK, who was holding the line. He was super cool, and we chatted for a bit.

After standing there for a few we started to see some familiar faces. I looked up and saw Alec walking right by me with two security guards escorting him passed security. I was gonna say something but pretty sure he was in a hurry, so I refrained. Lacey was starting to get a little starstruck at this point. Jesse Eisenberg was in line behind us, John Mayer was walking around stoned. Haha. After chatting a little more with the Set builder, and meeting his daughter and Ex wife who were attending the taping we got to meet Meghan. She was the page in charge of our tickets. She asked for my last name and handed me a little white envelope with my name that was my tickets. Once we got upstairs and into 6H the usher took us to our seats. We got to sit front row. We had better seats than John Mayer and Jesse Eisenberg!!! It was pretty awesome to say the least.

Lacey and I watched the East Coast Live Show on TV before we headed over so we knew what to expect from the show, but were excited to see the guest stars. While we were waiting for the show to start, the cast was introduced and in the down time before starting, I was pointing out directors and writers and producers of the show to Lacey. Yes I am that much of a Geek. The show started after Fred Armisen warmed up the audience.

The show was great! It was a zoo getting out of there, and to the elevator. We made it downstairs, and were waiting in the lobby to hopefully say thank you to Alec in person. They cleared the lobby and we had to wait outside. Lacey and I stood out there and met Will Forte, Chris Parnell, Tracy Morgan, Grizz Chapman, Judah Friedlander, Katrina Bowden. That was pretty cool, they were all super nice. But after waiting we heard that Alec had walked out the 49th Street Door.

In the ticket envelope there was the address to the after party which was right around the corner, so Lacey and I said why not lets go over there. Not really knowing why the address was included in the ticket envelope, it was worth a try to attempt to say thank you in person. We waited outside for a few. I had brought my 30ROCK shoes with me to possibly get them signed. I have two pairs and I really should have warn them instead but the pair I wear were soaked from earlier, and the other pair is a fresh pair that has never been worn so I didn't really want to ruin them in the rain.

I was leaning up against a planter and looked up as a woman walked out the door. She had sat down on the chair right outside the door. She looked familiar, and it took me a second to recognize who she was. I wasn't 100% sure but I was almost certain it was Jeanne's mom. Jeanne had told me that she was going to be there for the taping. So I went up and introduced myself hoping my memory wasn't failing me at who this woman was. It was in fact Jeanne's mom Beth. I explained to her who I was and told her that I was hoping to say thank you. She told me to thank Jeanne, and I told her that I had over and over again, and that I was hoping to tell Alec the same. She said, "Oh. You haven't met my brother? Just wait here a second, and I'll introduce you. He should be right out." She was super sweet. I spoke with her and another couple and she explained how I was there.

Alec came out a few minutes later. Beth told him I was Jeanne's friend, and he shook my hand and said, "I know you, you're Josh. You're Josh Mezin." I laughed and said, "That's me." Alec went in to the story of how his niece, "You know my niece, she's a pain in the ass, I love Jeanne but she really is," texted him a picture(the first one here) and said, "Look how cute........ from your biggest fan........ "I said yea right, but what the hell, I'll get him some tickets."

That's all I can really remember exactly. Alec asked me if I enjoyed my time at the taping, and said he hoped that it was worth the trip. I thanked him for his kindness and generosity, and that I had a great time. He asked if I came with someone or alone. Lacey had been standing behind me and I'm pretty sure her eyes were as big a silver dollars. I said my friend Lacey was here with me turning around to her, he put his hand out and introduced himself to her. He told us that he'd love to chat for a minute but that he had "to get his lady home", and asked if we brought a camera.

We snapped a couple pics, and I thanked him again and shook his hand, and Lacey and I headed to grab a cab.

It was truly a really awesome experience. Alec is a very nice and genuine person. I was taken back at his generosity, and kindness towards me as a total and complete stranger.

Like I said above none of this would have been possible without the support of my friends and family. My friend Jeanne is an amazingly awesome person. Having a friendship with her, a person who I have actually never met in person, has one more than just this one occasion, renewed my faith that good and kind people are real. I was very much humbled by the kindness she extended to me, and setting this whole awesome experience up.

I never in a million years though that posting a picture on Instagram would result in a trip to NYC and the opportunity to meet a man that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. There are some things that happen in life that really have no explanation other than having God's hand involved. I have a friends that are just plain good people. Im thankful for friends like this. Jeanne is one of these people. As is Lacey, and as is Ui. I'm a very blessed person to have friends that are caring and kind and always willing to lend a helping hand and or extend generosity even when they don't really have to. Here are some more pictures. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SERIOUSLY! I can't wait. 30 ROCK LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so those of you who know me well, know how much I am anticipating this episode!!!!! I have a plane ticket ready to use, and I would drop everything, and I mean everything to see this being taped if tickets are being sold. 30 Rock is simply genius! If you havent watched it, or say anything bad about it; YOU SUCK AT LIFE!!!! hahaha. Now really, in all honesty, you have bad taste if you feel in such a way. Im amped for Season 5 to start!!! Cant wait for Sept 23rd!!!!! And if I do go you better believe that I am going to be wearing my shoes!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I've been up lately......

When you read the article it will give you the details of it all. I've been handling business with two good friends of mine, that own a clothing company; The Forest Lab. It has been like a year since I first got involved with TFL#! and it has been nothing short of craziness. Especially the last two weeks, we have been busy non stop with this new shirt, Only Kings Have Rings. Any Laker Fans out there need to check out this one of a kind shirt. The artwork is completely original, drawn by the one and only, and extremely talented, Matt Cory. The kid is incredible at what he does. He created a masterpiece for especially for me on a pair of Vans Slips. They are one offs and there will never be another pair like them! I am gonna have him draw another pair actually, slightly different to keep as a "momento" of my love for my favorite tv show 30 Rock. I am toying with the idea of sending them to the studio where they film, and see if they can get autographed. I know wishful thinking, but its worth a shot, right? Look for his link in the article.

LEt me know what you guys think, and check out our website,!


oh and here are my sweet kicks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

"I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks"

Thank You.

As adolescent as it may seem to begin a letter with those two words, anything else would be remiss. I recently finished reading your book, A Promise to Ourselves, and having grown up with parents that taught me the importance of gratitude, resulted in writing this letter. As I read each page of your book I learned far more than I anticipated. For the better part of an evening, I felt compassion, sympathy, anger and frustration, and even laughed at your picturesque description of lawyers. I am fortunate to say my parents are still married, so your story along with the other accounts of personal struggles, affected me immensely.

From an early age, my own family relations exposed me to the harsh realities of divorce. As I grew up my social realm proved much the same. I quickly became the "counselor" or the go to guy my friends sought in their anguish. My desire to help my friends and others initially stems from watching my Godmother lose her battle with breast cancer. At twelve years old, I watched my best friend that was more like my little brother, as his life was irrevocably altered with his mother gone. He and I shared conversations that helped us both cope and encouraged us to move on.

A few years later, my world dissolved yet again as breast cancer claimed the life of my grandmother. The progress that I made previously was plundered, and I was headed back to the starting block. Teenage years came and went as I directed my actions to the dreams of others, and pursued dreams I presumed pleasing to the people that mattered the most to me; my parents. In a single sitting I read your book, cover to cover, and strained as my eyes were from reading on a dimly lit iPhone screen, the path I should have been on for years was now in focus crystal clear.

Through the vortex of emotions accompanied with the immeasurable empathy conceived, I was able to understand the significance of following a once childhood dream. Doing something professionally that helps others work through their own issues and struggles with a resolve to overcome obstacles, gives me a noble purpose. Becoming a counselor enables me to use the talents I've been given to help others, with the possible ensuing results being the life of my desire.I believe that in some small way, my desire can possibly help those that are in need of some sort of solace.

So, again, Thank You. Thank you for sharing your own personal story. I admire your willingness to share this with the world, and commend the courage it took to relive events as you wrote this book. Ralph Waldo Emerson penned:

“To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

These words were read at the funeral of my Godmother, and haven't been forgotten by the 12-year-old ears that heard them for the first time. Now at 26, I feel I am able to breathe easier as I pursue my most sincere dreams, and help others. Thank you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

WOW.... I never post anything!

Its been over a year since I have typed on this blog. Truth is I forgot the password and tried to log into it a million times and had no luck. So over a year later my memory came back and I am back in business.

I don't even know where to start on trying to describe the last year of life. There is so much that I could write and I wish I had done this sooner so I could remember all that happened more clearly. But I didn't so I will readers digest it for ya'lls.

The Year started of with moving back to CA from Boise, which was a warmer change in weather but although I was convinced I needed to do it. However, once I got here I quickly realized that I wasn't so sure. I started school at The University of California Riverside, and probably made the lamest decision of the year. Seriously the school sucked! There wasn't a thing I liked about it but for my Holocaust Class. Enough about that experience, and needless to say I wasn't a student there for long. I quit school actually at that point and went to work more to take up my extra time.

Work this year has been busy times. I started off the year working for Greg and finished off the majority of the year making liquid vitamins. Although the commute was much more enjoyable, the job proved to be rather challenging. It is slowly coming to a joyful end actually!!

So The year of 2009 was exciting like I mentioned. Shelly got married, I turned 25, and had an amazing birthday party and then weekend at the beloved lake known as the Doghouse. My best friend from Idaho, Mr. Bundy, aka Daren, joined the festivities. It was rad having him here, I wish more of my friends from up there would have been partying with us. The 4th of July proved to be a ton of fun as it always is, and August brought some fun with it as well.

My Dad, the amazing man that he is, turned 50 on the 24th day of the month, and we had a huge surprise party for him. We had so much fun at the party. It was a ton of work but worth every second of it after seeing my Dad's reaction. I am so lucky to call William Mezin my dad, he is one of a kind.

Next came October....... I'm not much of a fan of October anymore(Besides Halloween). The month reminds me of My Aunt Jennifer, its her birthday on the 7th. It is also sadly the month she passed away 2 years prior. The days still seem to be a little off without our normal daily conversations, but this year was a bit easier for me than last. Tobe was a big part of my life and I do miss talking to her so much and hearing her loud laugh. Most of all I think that I miss her friendship and how we talked about everything. There isn't a day that goes by that something doesn't remind me of her. I know she is still my Aunt Tobe, I just wish she was here to enjoy life with me still.

Then the Holidays came. Oh what a joy................ Especially with my family. I love them. I am very lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I hope that they are all aware that I would be extremely sad without them. Thanksgiving was fun, rather uneventful this year, which was nice. I took a 3 hour nap while watching Kindergarten Cop with Casey and Joey. But I'm pretty sure Casey watched the movie alone with Joey and I titties up the entire time. I didn't even eat much actually because I was so tired. Also a good thing that happened on Thanksgiving.

The Next month until Christmas was a slammed disaster. The days all seemed to blend together and I really remember very little of it actually. People wanted a lot of vitamins. December was an interesting month in the Mezin Residence. There were some crazy things that happened. Some were laughed off, and some were cried off, and some were even unsuccessfully wished away. The main point is everyone is healthy and doing just fine.

As always Christmas day is so much fun. Its so exciting to give people gifts and see their reactions(even the bad ones), while possibly laughing so hard your stomach hurts. This year(again, AS USUAL) I was spoiled beyond belief. I got new clothes, a lot of new clothes, new workout stuff, since I actually do that again these days, an exhaust for my truck(LOVE IT), and an awesome pair of sunglasses. I cant even name all of it because I got too much....... SPOILED

I had a long week at work the week after Christmas, we cleaned and polished the warehouse floors and it WORKED ME OVER. Okay wait I just remembered that was the week before Xmas. The week after I ripped up flooring in one of the rooms at work and scrapped adhesive for a long time... SUCKED! Then I acid washed the floor and painted it with epoxy and sealer. Never gonna do that again..... Trust

New Years Eve was amazing actually. I did nothing but relax with some of my favorite people, watch football, read books, and sleep. And I would be lying if I didn't mention the 2 cartons of It's It ice cream sandwich bars that i ate in like 6 hours... Yes I am a fatty. The weekend at the Doghouse was great, with an exception of the speeding ticket that I got on my way there. EFF the CHP!

So as you can see I had a really good year. There were a couple key things that I did forget to mention though in my rant. I started school again and 2010 I will FINALLY be a college grad with a BA in Communications. I will finish up in the beginning of May. Which brings me to discussions of other things but those will come in future posts since I want to try to post more regularly. Also this year in September I saw again for the first time in I have no clue how many years, a good friend, Tammie. It was really good to see her and spend hours on end talking with her and Myles, catching each other up on the last 10 plus years. My grandpa moved back to the states from Panama, which makes me feel better. There are some other things I know I am forgetting, so if its something you remembered or if I forgot someone, no harm no foul I hope.... Good times, more to come

Talk to ya soon

Monday, December 8, 2008

The End of The Semester And The End of Another Chapter of My Life

So the title of this blog totally gives it away. Yes it is the end of the semester, and I couldn't be more happy about that, but a lot has changed in the last few weeks that is drawing and end to this chapter of life. It all started about 3 weeks ago,when I got accepted to the University of California at Riverside. I found out on the tuesday before I was supposed to go home for Thanksgiving, and I really didn't know what to do. Yeah I was excited, and so happy that I actually go in. I guess the third time really is a charm with some things in life. Getting accepted didn't bring all fuzzy warm feelings though.

I have been living here in Boise for almost four months now, and have honestly come to absolutely love it here. I love going to Boise State, and I have met some people here that I am pretty sure I will stay in touch with for years to come. I came to find my own niche here and a added a circle of friends that are so fun to be around, and can laugh at anything. Living here I feel like I have grown up a little bit, and learn a little bit more about myself. I had a conversation with one of my friends last night that was I guess unexpected, you could say. This friend told me that he was bummed and kinda upset that I was leaving. Not that I dont think we have a good friendship, but I was kinda shocked at what I was hearing. I mean it is a blessing in my life to have such good friends, and I know that this person and I will be friends for a while to come. Its hard to find loyal friends that you get along with so well. I have come to the point that I will miss these friends more than I am going to miss the bitter cold, and smell of cow dung. Okay and the blue turf I will miss as well.
As I reflect back on my experience of moving to Boise, I smile. I was able to do something that I always wanted to do, attend a University that I love, and will now for sure always be a Bronco Fan, and meet some amazing friends. Moving back home I know without a shadow of a doubt is the best thing for me and for the success of my future, but Boise will always hold a little bit of my heart for the awesome experience it has been for me. In my last few days here, with the burden of finals and ending the semester up strong, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the ability to come here and for my loved ones support and care, and for welcoming people that today at the end of it all, I call my friends. I will miss you all. And dont forget you have a place to stay in CA. Deuces I'm Out

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Talk from Church

So a few weeks ago I get a call, and I get asked to speak in church...... YUCK. Not a huge fan of it, but I said yes, and just kinda went from there. I studied it the entire week and a half it was and I wasnt able to full express my thoughts, So I gave my "Mormon Mom" a call and she pull it all together for me. Studying about this topic made me realize how thankful I am for the loving people in my life and for the gospel knowledge I have in my life now. Here is the final product!

I was going to just summarize this for you all, but I thought it would be best to have it all there.. So enjoy!

In the Church we often sing the hymn, “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet.” President Gordon B. Hinckley expounded on the background of that song in a talk he gave with the same title. He said,

“It was written more than a century ago by a man of humble circumstances who lived in Sheffield, England. He worked in the steel mills and was discharged because he joined the Mormon Church. But there burned in his heart a great and fervent testimony; and out of an overflowing spirit of gratitude, he penned these moving lines. They have become a grateful expression of appreciation for millions over the earth. I have heard them sung in many different languages as a reverent prayer of thanksgiving for divine revelation.

How thankful we ought to be, how thankful we are, for a prophet to counsel us in words of divine wisdom as we walk our paths in these complex and difficult times. The solid assurance we carry in our hearts, the conviction that God will make His will known to His children through His recognized servants, is the real basis of our faith and activity. We either have a prophet or we have nothing; and having a prophet, we have everything.”

I would like to focus today on the last line in that quote, We either have a prophet or we have nothing; and having a prophet, we have everything.” Perhaps I might address more fully the “everything” we really have.

In Amos 3:7 it is written, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

The most important blessing we receive by having a prophet of God on the earth today is that of authority.

The Lord gives his prophets, seers, and revelators both the priesthood authority and the keys they need to act in his name. The keys are the right of presidency. President Joseph F. Smith wrote:

“It is necessary that every act performed under this authority shall be done at the proper time and place, in the proper way, and after the proper order. The power of directing these labors constitutes the keys of the Priesthood. In their fullness, the keys are held by only one person at a time, the prophet and president of the Church. He may delegate any portion of this power to another, in which case that person holds the keys of that particular labor.”

Our modern day prophet literally holds ALL the keys necessary for our salvation and exaltation concerning our progress here on earth. He is the key holder of the Aaronic Priesthood which gives him the right to administer in the ordinances of the gospel of repentance and baptism, and allow the ministering of angels. These ordinances then prepare us to receive the Melchizedek ordinances of which he also holds the keys. These Melchizedek Priesthood keys allow us to “know the mysteries of kingdom and the knowledge of God” receiving the higher ordinances of the temple.

His “right to presidency” turns all those keys on our behalf and allows us choose to return back to the presence of our Father.

He also has been given, through the laying on of hands, the same keys that were given to Joseph Smith in the Kirtland Temple. These keys allow for the gathering of Israel and the restoration of the Ten tribes to commence, given by the original key holder Moses, himself. Also given are the keys to the sealing power, binding in Heaven that which is bound on earth, under the direction of Elijah the prophet. This is literally everything!

As you can see it is evident that without a prophet we have nothing, and with him we have everything, as a people, a nation, and a church.

The Lord has always been willing to reveal His will to His children on earth whenever they have been willing to receive it.

President Spencer W. Kimball explained, “For thousands of years there have been constant broadcasts from heaven of vital messages of guidance and timely warnings, and there has been a certain constancy in the broadcasts from the most powerful station. Throughout all those centuries there have been times when there were prophets who tuned in and rebroadcasted to the people. The messages have never ceased.”

Elder Mark E. Petersen taught that the Lord raises up prophets in every age to meet the challenges of the times. He said,

“Did not Moses minister to the particular needs of his people? Did not Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel do likewise? Did not Peter and Paul give answers to the immediate problems of their day, tailored to fit the conditions that faced their own neighbors and friends? . . .

“He [God] certainly revealed himself anciently. If he is unchangeable, as the scriptures say, should he not do as much for modern people as he did for the ancients?

“Throughout Bible times he made himself known. Especially when his people began to drift astray did he manifest himself in power to bring them back to the fold.

“This he did through new prophets whom he raised up from time to time, and to whom he gave new revelations, which revitalized and gave added meaning to the divine word previously given.”

More recently President Ezra Taft Benson made the following statement, “"The most important prophet, so far as we are concerned is the one who is living in our day and age. This is the prophet who has today’s instructions from god to us today. God's revelation to Adam did not instruct Noah how to build the ark. Every generation has the need of the ancient scripture, plus the current scripture from the living prophet.”

Through his prophets the Lord will continue to give guidance and counsel which, if heeded, will solve all of the world’s problems and heal all the world’s ills.

Individually with the turning of those priesthood keys, we are given the blessing of divine guidance or the gift of Revelation. Each of us can receive personal revelation regarding issues that concern us personally. In addition to that, our prophet holds the keys of revelation regarding the direction of Christ’s Church upon the earth today. This gift of divine revelation is one of infinite worth. Can you imagine where we would be without the help and guidance from our Father?

In 1965 President Marion G. Romney said, “Our affluent society is filled with much anxiety because the inhabitants of the world ‘. . . seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, . . .’ (D&C 1:16.) I ask you candidly, how could current attitudes of men and nations throughout the world be more accurately described?”

As true as that statement was in 1965, I believe it is an even more accurate description of our society today. Earthly wisdom is not always enough to solve the problems confronting mankind. No sooner does one problem seem solved than a worse one surfaces elsewhere. Wisdom greater than man’s wisdom is needed to solve the problems of our times, we need the direction of God to help us come to the solutions we seek. Our need to hear his voice has never been greater. For this reason we can truly be “thankful for a prophet.”

Holding the keys of the gift of Revelation, our modern day prophets are also known as Revelators. Elder John A Widtsoe explained the function of a revelator as follows:

“A revelator makes known, with the Lord’s help, something before unknown. It may be new or forgotten truth, or a new or forgotten application of known truth to man’s need. Always, the revelator deals with truth, certain truth and always it comes with the divine stamp of approval. Revelation may be received in various ways, but it always presupposes that the revelator has so lived and conducted himself as to be in tune or harmony with the divine spirit of revelation, the spirit of truth, and therefore capable of receiving divine messages.” (Evidences and Reconciliations, p. 258.)

God reveals his secrets to a human revelator, who in turn may reveal those truths to others. Elder Mark E Petersen explained, “People who are not members of this church may not sense the great significance attached to his ministry. Even some Latter-day Saints have not yet discovered it. But the president of the Church is in fact a prophet raised up in these last days to give inspired guidance, not only to Latter-day Saints, but to all mankind everywhere.”

Therefore a prophet becomes a “Watchman on the Tower” or the “Voice of Warning” for all people.

In the book of Moses we read of an intimate experience as Enoch was called to be the Lords prophet, seer, and revelator of his time. We can use this experience to compare the prophets of old to that of our modern day prophets.

In Moses Chapter 6: 31-38 we read:

31 And when Enoch had heard these words, he abowed himself to the earth, before the Lord, and spake before the Lord, saying: bWhy is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad, and all the people chate me; for I am dslow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?

32 And the Lord said unto Enoch: Go forth and do as I have commanded thee, and no man shall pierce thee. Open thy amouth, and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands, and I will do as seemeth me good.

33 Say unto this people: aChoose ye bthis day, to serve the Lord God who made you.

34 Behold my aSpirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the bmountains shall flee before you, and the crivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore dwalk with me.

35 And the Lord spake unto Enoch, and said unto him: Anoint thine eyes with aclay, and wash them, and thou shalt see. And he did so.

36 And he beheld the aspirits that God had created; and he beheld also things which were not visible to the bnatural eye; and from thenceforth came the saying abroad in the land: A cseer hath the Lord raised up unto his people.

37 And it came to pass that Enoch went forth in the land, among the people, standing upon the hills and the high places, and cried with a loud voice, testifying against their works; and all men were aoffended because of him.

38 And they came forth to hear him, upon the high places, saying unto the atent-keepers: Tarry ye here and keep the tents, while we go yonder to behold the seer, for he prophesieth, and there is a strange thing in the land; a bwild man hath come among us.

Our modern day prophet is called of God, not because of status but by the qualification of worthiness. He becomes the mouth piece for the Lord, directed by the Spirit. He holds the keys of the priesthood from which all power flows. He sees as God sees not as man sees. He preaches repentance and expounds doctrine that oft times is not the popular view of society, therefore men may be “offended because of him.” He not only testifies of Christ through the spirit of prophesy, but officiates in all the sacred ordinances of the gospel. And finally I am happy to declare of President Thomas S. Monson, “a wild man hath come among us.” I am grateful he does not bend to the will of the people but stands strong for truth and voices the will of the Lord.

President J. Reuben Clark, Jr. related an experience he had and teaches a great lesson in the following statement he made in 1948:

“Sometime ago a pamphlet came across my desk which unfortunately I threw away. On the outside page it was stated, ‘We need a prophet,’ and as I read it then, and as I think of it now, I think how blind the world is. We have a prophet, an American prophet, one who spoke our language, one who was imbued with Christian ideals, and that prophet gave us the great righteous principles of which we know and of which the world partly knows; he gave them in our own language over a hundred years ago. . . .

“Now our Prophet, Joseph Smith, and the prophets since his time—and there has always been a prophet in this Church, and prophets, and you sustain the brethren here, conference after conference, as prophets, seers, and revelators—the Prophet himself, through the Lord by revelation, gave certain great principles that would save the world if the world would but listen. We do not lack a prophet; what we lack is a listening ear by the people and a determination to live as God has commanded. That is all we need. The way has been made perfectly clear.”

This lesson is still timely for us as well, we have a prophet what we need to do is listen to him and do his will. How do we do this?

Delbert L. Stapley, of the Council of the Twelve, helps us to understand better how we can do it, he says,

“To get a clear picture and a clear understanding of what is expected of us, we should study the four standard works of the church. We should also study the writings of the prophets, including those of the Prophet Joseph Smith, down to the present time. We must abide by the teachings, not only of the dead prophets, but also of the living prophets.”

In conclusion, how thankful I am for a prophet. I know because we have a prophet on the earth today we have everything. I know that we need to learn what our prophets have asked of us, and listen to their words and do the will of the Lord as give to us through them.